Security Shutters in Maui


Alumatec’s side-folding security grilles are an excellent choice for securing any type of storefront. Side-folding grilles require no headroom, have adjustable roller stems, openings can be curved and no floor track is required. Alumatec’s open pattern grille is one of the most durable, and strongest open pattern curtains in the industry. Manufactured using a double action hinge system, and sleeved rods, this grille will hold up to the rigors of daily use. Contact us for security shutters in Maui.

  • Horizontal Link Spacing - 12”

  • Clear aperture of openings - 2”

  • Lightweight design makes for easy installation and operation.

  • Aluminum hinges, links and rods provide strength and durability.

  • Open pattern allows for high visibility of merchandise.


Alumatec’s side-folding polycarbonate grille is a beautiful combination of security and style. Manufactured using 3/32” poly to provide years of security and visibility to your products. Glazed grilles allow for maximum storefront merchandising, and help control temperature and cleanliness of the store.

  • 100% Closed Curtain.

  • Each window is framed to prevent abrasions on the glass.

  • Prevents “reach-through” burglary.

  • Combination of aluminum and Lexan provide strength and durability.

  • Allows merchandise to be placed near storefront for greater visibility.



When maximum security and airflow are a must, Alumatec’s perforated grille cannot be beat. 1/8” perforated aluminum slats provide exceptional security for any type of storefront. When you are looking for the highest level of security, look no further than Alumatec’s solid grille. The lack of visibility will help protect the most precious merchandise from theft and vandalism.

  • Perforations Allow for 60% of light to be transmitted through curtain.

  • Ideal for maximizing visibility and airflow without compromising security.

  • Prevents “reach-though” burglary.

  • Maximizes merchandise space.